HUNT BLOG: Hunting Kansas Whitetails 2016...A Great Year.

The 2016 Kansas Whitetail Rut was a little warmer than usual. Our deer and turkey season was fully booked out and we had a lot of guiding to do.

This year, Daniel Bell put his hunters onto some pretty amazing free range Kansas Whitetails and Turkeys.

AussieJohn Hossack from the Gold Coast Queensland Australia managed a great buck on the last morning of his hunt. AJ has been hunting with Kansas Outfitter Daniel Bell for three seasons and is a regular in camp.

G'day friends - my name is John Hossack from Australia. I wanted to share with you a short story about hunting with Daniel Bell in Kansas. I met Daniel Bell at the Reno Sheep Show in NV a few years ago. I spent time talking with Dan and looking through photos of hunt camp and whitetail taken during the many years.

Returning to Australia and making contact with Daniel, he quickly provided the information and unit numbers I needed to apply to be in the Kansas Deer Draw that year. I drew a tag in April, it was the first choice hunt unit Dan directed me to apply for.

Once I had secured the tag and purchased my Kansas hunting license I booked my return flights to America. If I can do it all the way from Australia and draw a tag...then its so easy to do it when you live in America!

I applied for a 2017 tag and successfully drew another Archery Whitetail Tag for November and cannot wait to return to Kansas and Dans Hunt Camp and get in a stand! Contact Daniel Bell

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