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Muzzle-loader Kansas
Whitetail Hunting

Affordable Kansas Whitetail Hunts


Whitetail Hunts 5 Day hunt 5 Night

Muzzle-loader $4,200 (2 Deer)

Archery Pre-Rut $3,200 (2 Deer)

Archery Rut $4,200 (2 Deer)

Archery Late Season $3,200 (2 Deer)

Rifle $5,200 (2 Deer)

Meals and Lodging Included (semi-guided)​

Now is the time to book for 2024 Whitetail Trophy Buck Rut Hunt.

We have very limited vacancies available for 2023


  • Youth and Disability Season: Sept. 3 - Sept. 11, 2022 (Ended)

  • Early Muzzle-loader Season: Sept. 12 - Sept. 25, 2022 (Ended)

  • Archery Season: Sept. 12 - Dec. 31, 2022

  • Pre-Rut Firearm Whitetail Antlerless Season: Oct. 8 - Oct. 10, 2022.

  • Any permit that allows the harvest of a whitetaile antlerless deer is valid during this season. Equipment and unit restrictions on permit imposed.  Hunter orange clothing is required.  

  • Firearms Season: Nov. 30 - Dec. 11, 2022.

  • Now is the time to prepare for your tag for 2023 unit and application information.

  • April 2023 is normally the time to put in for your tags. Dan and his team will assist you in your application.

Kansas Deer Hunting


Kansas Muzzleloader Deer Season.

 Early Muzzle-loader Season: Sept. 12 - Sept. 25, 2022.


Application Dates/Permit Process.

Now is the time to prepare for 2024 


We will help you through the permit process through the state of Kansas with unit selection and what is required.


Draw Only Permits



APPLICATION PERIOD: April 1 - April 29, 2022 (Ended)

Applicants must apply online or by phone, 1-833-587-2164

All fees listed below will have an internet convenience fee added at time of applying online for a permit or preference point.                                                                     

You will also need to purchase a nonresident hunting license, $97.50 (16 and over), $42.50 Jr. hunt license (15 and younger) The nonresident hunting license fee is nonrefundable.

  • $117.50 Nonresident Youth White-tailed Deer Permit (youth 15 and younger and includes $27.50 nonrefundable application fee)

  • $442.50 Nonresident White-tailed Deer Permit, (16 and older and includes $27.50 nonrefundable application fee)

Bag Limit: (1) white-tailed deer - buck, doe or fawn AND (1) white-tailed antlerless deer (No additional fee required. Included with White-tailed Deer Permit)

The deadline for applying is APRIL 29, 2022.(Ended)

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