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Archery Hunting
Kansas Whitetails

Affordable Kansas Whitetail Hunts


Whitetail Hunts 5 Day hunt 5 Night

Muzzleloader $4,200 (2 Deer)

Archery Pre-Rut $3,200 (2 Deer)

Archery Rut $4,200 (2 Deer)

Archery Late Season $3,200 (2 Deer)

Rifle $5,200 (2 Deer)

Meals and Lodging Included (semi-guided)​

Now is the time to book for 2024 Whitetail Trophy Buck Rut Hunt.

We have very limited vacancies available for 2023

Kansas Archery Tags

We have some of the finest free range Whitetail Hunting country in Kansas.

Located in the beautiful Kansas countryside south of Topeka KS. The Whitetail Rut is normally from early November until late November.


We have a good  success rate for shot opportunities for Whitetail and Turkey hunting.


Our mission is to provide our clients access to some of the best Whitetail deer hunting in Kansas. 

kansas 2019 murray.jpeg

Kansas Whitetails

All hunting is within 30 minutes of town on 20,000 acres of scattered, privately owned ground in 4 counties consisting of small grain fields bordered by heavy timbered creeks and prairie pastures.


The cover for whitetail is heavy but fairly open, large numbers of bucks will not be seen, however, those seen are large. Average Bucks in the area are 140 – 160 class and the potential for taking a Boone & Crockett is excellent.


All hunting areas are pre-scouted and contain top quality deer.  We offer trophy whitetail buck, wild turkey, quail, prairie chicken, predators, or dove, we have it all! Affordable Archery, Crossbow, Muzzle Loader or Rifle Hunting.

Kansas Whitetails

Nonresidents wishing to hunt deer in Kansas needed to have their applications completed and submitted online no later than midnight, around late April.

Since the deadline has passed, many applicants are anxious to learn the results of the drawing. However, it takes time to get the data assembled and preference points accounted for before the random computer drawing can occur.


At mid June, drawing results will be available online at or Applicants will need to enter their KDWPT number and date of birth or driver’s license number to see their results.

In mid-June, the process of mailing permits to lucky successful applicants

Kansas 2022 AussieJohns Buck.jpg

My 2022 Whitetail

My name is AussieJohn Hossack  from Queensland Australia.


I have been hunting Kansas Whitetails with Daniel Bell for a number of years now and drew another tag for late October 2022.

My Kansas tag is filled… 45 yards Pass through went bout 90 yards tipped over aired out. 10 point last on night of my hunt here. He came down the 6 ft tall grass spotted him at 90 yards. My pulse went up as he was now at 60 yards as l was set up well and he turned the corner left paused then walked another 10 paces. The 40 yards dot was on the rear line of the front right leg and half ways up his body. The Rage Titanium 100 grain was on its way and the impact was fatal! The buck turn ran bout 90 yards paused and fell sideways to the ground in the bean field. I heard the lungs exhale 2 or 3, all was quiet again , except for my breathing. l dialed and messaged “Kansas buck down”

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