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  • Dan and the Kansas crew

The Kansas Whitetail Rut Is On in 2022 - 17 New Photos...

Here are some great photos of our clients Kansas bucks taken with Bellwildlife Specialities & Dirtnap Outdoors. Now is the time to book your 2023 Kansas Whitetails Dream Hunt!

Man it was one heck of a week for us here at Dirt Nap Outdoors llc and Bell Wildlife Specialties. Had some awesome deer taken a Dirt Nap due to some hard work and long hours in the stands. Colder Temps got some big boys out moving around.

Congratulations to the guys that scored on their Kansas bucks. Things are looking really good for this week's hunters with plenty of big bucks out chasing does. God bless this country and those that believe in our way of life...


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